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Welcome to the website of Chester Horse Driving Trials Ltd.

A friendly and welcoming driving trials club, providing opportunities for all abilities. Our events are held at locations across Cheshire and North Wales, throughout the year.

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Annual General Meeting

The Crooked Horn Inn, Brynford

17th March 2019


Just a quick reminder and polite request that you let us know if you are coming so we can sort refreshments for the AGM.

Details are below

Also a quick reminder that the accounts are always posted on the website 2 weeks in advance of meeting for your viewing.

AGM date Sun 17th March
Crooked Horn Inn,
Brynford, CH8 8AX

1200hrs for the AGM followed by a light lunch provided by the club (please let us know if you are attending so that we can cater for attendees.)



We will be updating you of the rule changes at the AGM but we felt it was important to highlight in advance that we will be enforcing the British Carriage Driving Rules relating to vaccinations at all our events (please see Annex11 on the BC rule book for full details)

All equines must have up to date and complete 12 monthly vaccination records to attend one of our events and we will be checking vaccination records of all competitors and undertaking spot checks throughout the year. Please ensure you have your equines passport at the events for inspection.

The entry forms will be altered to aid this process and the declaration of vaccination must be completed if you wish to attend the events.
You will also note a change with request for equines registered name which has to be the name as documented on the passport (we will no doubt have to make it a long enough space for some!)

Please read Annex 11 in the BC rule book on the British Carriage Driving Website prior to attending the events and remember you have to have had your vaccination 1 day prior to the full year and 7 days prior to an event..
we will be checking these details and we will be checking that they have a complete history.
(Don’t panic though as Gaps in History can be overcome by having the primary vaccination course again)

We hope you understand this enforcement and please ask if you have any doubts


March Indoor event cancelled

To keep you up to speed with current situation with our indoor event in March.

The committee has had a meeting this week to discuss several pressing matters one of which is what to do about the indoors on 09th March.

The committee was all in agreement that unless the risk of equine flu reduces prior to the event we can not justify bringing a group of equines together under the current conditions for the sake of us running an event. As you can imagine we all want to get out and about but feel that we would be best (unless the conditions change) enabling you to stay safe and sound at home.

We do not make these decisions easily but have to take the decision we feel is in the best interest of us all.

It is the risk of carrying the virus back to our equine friends in liveries and our own yards that we feel is still high.

For clarity the March indoor event is cancelled.

We can not get agreement that the situation/risk in bringing ponies together has reduced. Sorry to all our indoor competitors this decision has been difficult.

Ref ICDUK qualifiers
Please do not panic we have been in touch with indoors and the situation will be taken into account as we are not the only area to be impacted…

Thank you for your understanding


   Please come along and join us, or support us as a “Helper” you never know you may get the bug!! We would love to see you at one of our next events!

Would you like to join us? Please come along and see us at one of our Events.

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We look forward to welcoming you! We also have a Facebook page-” Chester Horse Driving Trials Ltd” Please direct all queries and ideas for the website to anyone on the CHDTL Committee

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